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At The Clover Mill, our aim is to rebalance your body, mind and spirit by nurturing you with Ayurvedic techniques, meals and gentle yoga whilst being be immersed in immune-boosting nature, surrounded by green fields and ancient hedgerows, soothed by running water and with views of the beautiful Malvern hills


We have highly experienced, dedicated Ayurveda therapists to tailor treatments to support you on your journey where you will be nourished by a carefully designed menu of freshly prepared meals and herbal teas made with love, with ingredients from The Clover Mill wellbeing garden.


Staying at the mill gives you permission to relax, to put yourself first, to contemplate your life and who and how you are. 



Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat

Our signature ayurvedic programme of six days of The Clover Mill Experience, resulting in a personalised wellness plan.


This retreat will energise and revive you and set you up for a beneficial ayurvedic lifestyle.


You will have a full ayurvedic consultation with pulse and tongue diagnosis, personalised ayurvedic meals, treatments and revitalising yoga practices.

Apr 12-17 | June 23-28 | July 12-17

Aug 4-9 | Sept 6-11 | Oct 13-18

Nov 8-13


£2095 per person

2-night or 3-night

Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat

A weekend immersion in The Clover Mill experience tapping into therapeutic ayurvedic practices, to nourish and re-set your mind and body.

  • personalised ayurvedic meals from The Clover Mill’s wellbeing garden

  • supplemented with home-brewed balancing herbal teas

  • specialist ayurvedic massages

  • revitalising yoga practices 

Two Nights: Apr 26-28 | May 10-12

May 31-June 2 | June 14-16 | July 5-7 Aug 16-18 | Sept 20-22 | Oct 4-6

Nov 18-20 | Nov 22-24 

Nov 29-Dec 1 | Dec 6-8 | Dec 13-15

Three nights: May 24-27 | Aug 23-26


£795 per person


Rest & Digest Health Gut Retreat

A focus on gut health and shifting the nervous system from stressed out flight/fight mode to a calm state of rest and digest to lay the foundations for vibrant health.


This retreat builds on our signature ayurvedic programme by weaving together ancient ayurvedic knowledge with contemporary understanding of gut microbiome stress-related illness.

May 16-21| July 26-31| Sept 26-Oct 1

Oct 24-29


£2545 per person
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