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At The Clover Mill, our aim is to help rebalance your body, mind and spirit with Ayurvedic techniques. Your Ayurveda therapist will design a programme specifically tailored to meet your needs based on a detailed consultation which will occur before a marma abhyanga. 

Head, neck and shoulder

A tension relieving head, neck and shoulder massage, great for helping with computer strain, migraines and stress.  A miraculous 30 minutes cure for stiffness, aches and pains. Sweeping movements across the back are used to promote circulation and restore energy balance throughout the body. A balancing Tri-Dosha oil blend is used throughout treatment.

Duration: 30 minutes, Price: £65
Foot and lower leg

An invigorating foot and lower leg massage to relax and revitalise your lower legs and feet. Many nerves from major organs terminate in the feet so this marma point massage will help health in the whole body and is particularly effective for insomnia, fatigue and restless leg syndrome.

Duration: 30 minutes, Price: £65
Marma Abhyanga
Full body

A 90-minute full body oil massage including Shirobhyanga and Padabhyanga. This is designed to help you relax and let go of any anxieties. Our Ayurvedic body massage derives from the oldest healing principles of Ayurvedic therapy. Tri-Dosha nourishing oils are gently but firmly massaged into the body to stimulate the marma points which releases and rebalances energy to promote wellbeing. This massage helps eliminate excess water, fat deposits and toxins to strengthen and rejuvenate your whole body - a real indulgence. Good for deep relaxation, stress relief, pain relief, calming the mind, strengthening and rejuvenating internal organs and improving circulation.  

Duration: 1h 45 minutes, Price: £145
Pregnancy Massage
Full body

Escape the stresses and strains of everyday life and enjoy a full hour being nurtured with a deep relaxing aromatherapy massage. You will enjoy this truly blissful massage with a soothing Tri-Dosha aromatherapy oil to unwind and relax those areas under stress such as neck, back and abdominal muscles.

Duration: 60 minutes, Price: £95
Oil poured on forehead and head massage

One of the most powerful ayurvedic treatments where, after a holistic facial, warm therapeutic oil is poured rhythmically over the forehead to induce a deep feeling of calm. This blissful therapy quietens the mind, alleviates anxiety and heightens awareness and is particularly effective for insomnia, headaches and stress. It also improves hair condition. Best taken as a course of six.

Duration: 60 minutes, Price: £135 

Application of pressure to the feet and hands

A method of treatment using massage and pressure on specific areas of the feet. This can improve stress, insomnia, and conditions such as IBS, sinus congestion, headache and back pain.

Duration: 60 minutes, Price: £85
cleanse & detox
Pinda Sweda
Oil massage with herb bundles

Warm muslin bundles of therapeutic herbs are used with oil to work into the affected areas of the body. This treatment strengthens and rejuvenates joints, reducing pain, stiffness and inflammation and so is especially good for arthritis, muscular pain, sciatica, and chronic back pain.Good for stiff joints and pains, arthritis, inflamed muscles, certain skin conditions, it is vata pacifying and anti-inflammatory.

Duration: 60 minutes, Price: £105
Herb powder massage to exfoliate

A dry massage with powdered herbs which exfoliates, purifies and tones the skin leaving it feeling clean, young and silky smooth. Udvartana helps eliminate lymphatic toxins out of the body making it especially good for weight loss, improving cellulite, circulation and digestion.Good for exfoliation, cleansing the skin, poor blood circulation, cellulite, kapha imbalance. Best taken as a course of six.

Duration: 30 minutes, Price: 75
Pinda Sweda + Udvartana

This wellness programme works on clearing your system of toxins and re-energising your metabolism. Combining a Pinda Sweda and Udvartana treatment which blend together to deliver a fantastic metabolic boost that will leave you feeling fresh and revitalised. This is the one for detoxing your system.

Duration: 75 minutes, Price: £135
Marma point face massage

An ancient procedure that will leave you smiling with a visible natural face lift.  Working on the face, neck and head, Mukhabhyanga is a remedial therapy where firm pressure lifts facial muscles leaving a youthful glow that increases after regular treatments.  Massage to marma points increases energy flow and is also beneficial for problem lines. Good for anti-ageing, physical and mental wellness. Best taken as a course of six.

Duration: 30 minutes, Price: £65
Soundaryam Vardhini
Mukhabhyanga + full facial

A deeply cleansing facial and marma point oil massage which reduces signs of ageing by encouraging the flow of prana (energy) and blood to the face leaving a more youthful and healthy appearance. This is followed by a deep massage to the scalp and feet and then yogic breathing exercises. Good for deep cleanse, anti-ageing, physical and mental wellness, marma opening. Best taken as a course of six.

Duration: 60 minutes, Price: £115
Shilajita Mumiyo
Facial + oil massage with soft herb bundles

A traditional ayurvedic facial using soft bundles filled with herbs and carefully selected ayurvedic products. By stimulating vital marma points it will reduce facial tension, tighten and tone the skin and leave you with a bright and nourished complexion. Good for reducing the signs of ageing, revitalising the skin.

Duration: 60 minutes, Price: £120
Face-lift Massage
Gentle massage to relax and smooth out wrinkles

This is a wonderfully relaxing oil massage over your face and neck which is deeply relaxing and will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It improves circulation and will leave you with smooth, glowing skin. A course of six over six weeks is recommended for visible results.

Duration: 60 minutes, Price: £105
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