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The Clover Mill welcomes guests who require wheelchair access and one of the three eco-lodges is specifically designed for this purpose. Much care and thought went into the internal design of this lodge bathroom to avoid the often unstylish look associated rooms designed for disabled access. For example, the sink has a hidden mechanism which allows it to be lowered to suit a guest in a wheelchair, the shower has a built in tiled seat, and the whole room is a wet room.

  • The bedroom has oak flooring.

  • There is good colour contrast between floor, walls and furniture

  • The bed has low height

Because of the listed status of the old mill buildings we were unable to provide wheelchair access however there are wide steps with handrails into each building. But if you can’t manage steps then we are happy to serve your meals and provide treatments in your lodge. 


Paths from the car park are all suitable for wheelchair use.

Please do not hesitate to email or call if you have any further specific requirements.

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