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Julie Dent was a Clinical Research Scientist when she first holidayed at an Ayurvedic resort in Sri Lanka. It was there that her passion for the ancient medical system was first ignited and, in the years that followed, she craved revisiting its blissful holistic treatments and leaving revitalised.

Ayurveda, a holistic approach founded on 4000 years of experience treats individuals according to their personal constitution. As a medical scientist, Julie could see that ayurveda can provide more successful disease management than Western medicine for many chronic diseases, especially those manifest from poor lifestyle choices.

Back in the UK, Julie searched for an Ayurvedic retreat to meet her needs, but none existed then. A few clinics offered ayurvedic treatments but not the whole package a rural setting with accommodation, Ayurvedic meals and treatments. And so, she decided to set up her own. A year of searching led her to The Clover Mill, a place she knew instantly was the setting she had envisaged as the perfect Ayurvedic retreat.


After three years of meticulous renovation, Julie welcomes you to her idyllic hideaway and hopes the experience will inspire you to make some small changes in your life for the better as Ayurveda has done for her own, or just enjoy relaxing and feeling rejuvenated during and after your stay.

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