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We offer a selection of Tridosha ayurvedic products along with reference books on ayurveda, cooking and mindfulness. Products are available for purchase singly and as gift baskets.

Our Gift Vouchers are available for specific retreats such as 3-day retreat or for any of our body treatments such as Shirodhara. You can also request a gift voucher for any monetary amount over £25. We're happy to send the gift voucher directly to the recipient or to you for the gift-giving. We can also email the gift voucher if required.

Tridosha’s ayurvedic products are used in all treatments in the spa. The showers and lodges are also stocked with Tridosha’s ayurvedic shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body moisturiser. Tridosha’s founder Sunita Passi works closely with her family in India to develop her products.  This ensures her oils and creams are made from wild grown Ayurvedic herbs, are hand blended to preserve their active ingredients, all crafted for individual body types. They are selected to relax (vata); soothe (pitta) or energise (kapha) you and to deeply nourish and condition your skin and hair. Completing a body type questionnaire in consultation with your therapist will determine the most appropriate products for you.

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