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All meals are freshly prepared at The Clover Mill and include ingredients harvested from our orchards and vegetable garden.   Unrefined sugar and wholemeal products are used and gluten free and vegan options are happily catered for.  Your first meal will be tridoshic ie will suit all body types, but after your dosha type has been analysed, we will ensure that the meals are suitable for your body type and aims of your stay.

Generally, ayurvedic meals are vegetarian, cooked (not raw) and mildly spiced in order to be easily digested.  Healthy doesn’t mean you will be starved, there is always healthy cake or a nibble available.

Here are some sample menus:


Freshly prepared juice - eg apple, carrot and ginger

Clover Mill porridge - with raisins and gently spiced

Fruit compote - warm apples, apricots and dates cooked with ginger and cinnamon 

Herbal tea


Beetroot and elderberry soup

Rotis with green bean pate 

Fruit, date balls or spiced mulberry spelt cake

Herbal Tea


Mulled elderberry and clove cordial

Asparagus souffle

Sweet potato stack with red peppers and paneer

Damson oat crumble with ginger cream

Herbal Tea

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