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Dates: May 16-21| July 26-31| Sept 26-Oct 1 | Oct 24-29

This retreat supercharges our signature ayurvedic programme by incorporating the latest insights from the fields of psycho-neuro immunology and microbiology.By uniquely weaving these modern data with ancient ayurvedic knowledge, we set the foundation for optimal communication between your gut microbiome and your nervous system. Our process gently shifts you from stressed out Flight Fight Freeze (sympathetic nervous system) mode to a calm Rest and Digest (para-sympathetic) state to restore your gut microbiome for vibrant health. 


A programme of Restorative yoga, breathwork, meditation, ayurvedic massages and nutrition to support the gut microbiome and your nervous system.

This special retreat is aimed at anyone suffering from gluten-intolerance, stress, anxiety, depression, stiff aching joints, digestive issues, chronic tiredness, skin issues, sugar cravings or wanting to lose or gain weight.

In the ancient Ayurveda texts it is said that most illnesses, mental and physical stem from poor digestion. Weak digestion means essential nutrients are not absorbed, toxins aren’t eliminated properly and illness results.

Modern science is currently very excited about our gut microbiome, a varied family of billions of bacteria, yeasts and parasites that live in our lower intestine and are responsible for producing almost all of the dopamine and serotonin chemicals that control our moods and our emotions. Continually communicating with each other and also with our 'second brain' - the enteric nervous system. Hence the link to anxiety and depression if these bacteria aren’t the 'right' ones.

Ayurveda recommends living and eating with the seasons and recent studies have shown that our gut bacteria change with what we eat. So if we eat seasonally this also helps our bacteria become the ‘right’ bacteria replacing the ‘wrong’ bacteria which can lead to leaky gut syndrome, immune issues and ill health.

Daily talks throughout the week will result in your greater understanding and development of a personal plan of action for when you leave.

This retreat aims to re-set your gut health in several ways:

  • Yoga and yoga nidra - twice daily restorative classes to support your gut-brain axis which will increase your energy levels, strengthen your immune system, promote the health of your joints, and improve your mental and emotional balance.  Yoga teacher Lisa will also guide you to a personal practice specifically for your body 

  • Meals - sumptuous fresh, pre- and pro-biotic seasonal foods and drinks to re-populate your gut with a huge variety of good bacteria. Meals will be vegetarian and ayurvedic

  • Meditation – learn to meditate to reduce stress which has a huge impact on our gut microbiome, improving mental and emotional function leading to a happier, more positive outlook on life

  • Ayurvedic massage - daily massages to help rebalance body and mind with warm herb-infused therapeutic oils with healing herbs and oil poultices

  • Talks – we want you to to be able to continue the techniques you will learn on this retreat so you can feel healthy, happy and have a strong immune system for life.  There will be talks on all the subjects covered plus a workbook of information you can personalise during your stay

  • Goody Box -  you will be given homemade ghee, spice mixes for your dosha type, fermentation starters, massage oil, a personalised yoga practice and more to enable you to continue at home

Retreats start with dinner at 7pm on the first day and you can arrive from 4pm; check-out is 4pm on the last day.

Price: from £2545 sharing, £3095 single occupancy

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