Retreat with Anne McIntyre

Leave with a deep understanding of your dosha type and how to boost your immune system from a totally holistic view

The Clover Mill is delighted to be working with Anne McIntyre, medical herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner, to provide this course on Ayurveda. You will be immersed in a total Ayurvedic experience in the tranquility of a rural haven.

This time Anne will focus on how we can keep our immune system in tip top condition to resist infections, have great energy and be happy. The first day will be a comprehensive discussion covering elements, doshas and lifestyle practices. Anne's teaching style allows you to participate rather than simply sit and listen which results in a deeper understanding and remembering. Handouts will also be given for the course.

You can attend as a day guest or include 2 nights staying in a luxury lodge in the midst of nature. Call or email for more details.



Date: Moved to 2021 TBC

from £295 per person


Discover the similarities between yoga and knitting!

After discovering which focuses on ‘the use of therapeutic knitting as a healthcare tool – unravelling the neuroscience behind the bilateral, rhythmic, automatic movements and the complex combination of physiological, psychological, behavioural, social and creative benefits experienced’ we developed Knit2gether. There are definite similarities between the two activities of yoga and knitting. US Yogi Sara Stiles says ‘Knitting feels very meditative, like all the yoga stuff I do," she explains. "Because you're doing a similar pattern over and over, it becomes very calming. It has that effect that yoga and meditation have, that you stop thinking about all the things you have to do, and you're brought right into the moment." 

During your workshop experienced yoga teachers will focus on exercises that will improve your sitting posture, relax your shoulders, improve your vision and allow knitting to be a beneficial pastime rather than one that makes you tense and stiff. It will be aimed at beginners and experienced knitters and yogis, all levels should benefit hugely from this practice. If you are a beginner you will learn to knit too!

Programme will include:

  • Welcome tea

  • 2h yoga class

  • Lunch

  • 2h knitting and yoga class

  • Tea/cake

Dates: 2020 tbc Please enquire if you are interested.

from £159 per person

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