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Replenish Retreat

This new retreat has been designed to help anyone suffering from Long-Covid, ME, post-chemotherapy or who is looking for an extra-nurturing, restorative break with gentle yoga, breathwork, meditation, massages, nutritious easy to digest food and herbal teas. In addition we can offer a session of psychotherapy to tackle anxiety, acute PTSD, phobias etc.

The Replenish retreat is a 3 whole day/3 night retreat and includes:


  • 2 restorative yoga classes Days 1 and 2, and 1 class on the last day, including meditation and pranayama (breathwork)

  • Ayurveda treatment each day 60-90mins

  • Informative talks each day

  • Spice session for enhancing taste and smell

  • Optional Psychotherapy session to help with anxiety, phobias etc.

  • Nourishing ayurvedic meals to aid digestion and improve gut microbiome


Price: £1175pp if there are 2 of you sharing or £1475 single eco-lodge 

Dates: August 27-30, September 9-12, September 30 - October 3, November 7-10 and December 9-12, 2021

Please Email or call 01886880859 to book.

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