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Nourish and heal your mind, body and spirit with a 3-day/night retreat with Sangeeta Chohan.

  • Energise each morning with Pranayama breathing exercises. 

  • Release into awareness beyond time with Kundalini Yoga & Mantra Meditation. 

  • Relax and deeply heal each evening with a blissful Gong Sound Bath. 

  • Rebalance the body with Ayurveda treatments. 

  • Ground the body and soak up nature’s beauty on a Meditation Walk. 

  • Nourish from within with delicious Organic Ayurvedic food. 

  • Unwind in beautiful eco-lodges surrounded by nature.

About Sangeeta - 'Experiencing Kundalini Yoga has further enhanced my understanding that ultimately, life is all about energy. Through this sacred practice, with its roots in the Sikh Dharma, has unfolded a beautiful and unexpected reconnection. My grandfather was a devout Sikh, who was more inspired through spirituality than by religion. I now understand the wisdom of his final words to me.

My aim is to bring yoga back to its true form. Yoga is a lifestyle, as explained in the ancient yoga sutras, an inward journey of deep connection to our truth, so that we may live in harmony with nature and from which we may emanate vibrant and perfect health.'

For more information about Sangeeta visit her website at

All levels welcome - limited to 6 residential participants and 4 day guests.

Price: from £895 per person

Date: May 3-6th, 2019 

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